Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Morning all!  Well I heard a funny quote today regarding the above table... a coworker of mine said that whenever he went to the doctor, he would see this table and there was a sign that read, "You are not too fat, you are just too short!  Look up your weight to see how tall you are supposed to be!"  How funny is that! In that case I would love to be 5-11 :)  We are almost at week 7, I am hoping you all are seeing a difference? In this chart alone, I like that I am leaving the orange area behind, and headed to the yellow and green!!!  I just wanted to add that quick note.. It made me smile, so if you read this Kevin (MN Kevin) thanks :)
I will be out of town starting Friday, goin to visit a friend. I will try to post pics and blog while I am out! Have a great weekend, and Happy Leap Day :)

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