Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ode to Amanda--- Vent session

Im gonna let it all out... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR... ok.. better now..  I havent blogged in a few days, my heart has been full with a multitude of emotions.  Ive been dealing with name calling from people who used to love me, people that say they love me, and Its been very hard.  Those that love you shouldnt call you names.  I know we are supposed to let the negative  roll off our backs, but sheesh.. these past few days its been very hard for me to do that.  I have always been a strong person, but evil is getting the best of me. :(
 On the bright side, my coworker and I spoke and she invited my children and I to her church.  I grew up in church but had not been in many years.  I was nervous but deffinitly felt like church was where I needed to be. Well the kids absolutely LOVE it!  They want to go everyday!  They have learned so much in the 2 weeks that we have been going there.  They are quoting John 3:16 over and over again.  ( For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life)  Its amazing that they are so excited!   I guess I wasnt the only person needing God in my life. My 8yr old daughter was sitting in the car with me on the way home from church on the 1st Sunday that we went, she says "Mom, my heart feels different, I feel better cause we went to church.  I dont want to be mean".  I was super excited!  Five minutes later, she was yelling at her brother calling him a jerk? ha ha... Rome wasnt built in a day! :)

I am kind of in the rambling mood today, lots of thoughts in my head, not sure what to do with Life.. then again, I dont know if I will ever figure that out. Ok time for some more Randomness!!!  I did lose 3 lbs in 8 days, just by watching my diet and logging my food :)   I lost my blood sugar monitor, ok actually my blue heeler took it, and it has yet to be found... Im afraid to find it in the back yard one day!! Ewwwwww!   I received a coupon to get a hair cut and color at my normal salon for $50, so I was super excited!  Usually I spend more than that and I just cant afford it any more, so I jumped at the chance.. I get to the salon, gal highlights my hair I attempt to use the coupon and she says "you cant use that, I work on commision?"  Really???  Ive been a long time customer, and your company sent me this coupon and I cant use it??   So I bit my tounge, and I paid the full price.  The more I thought about it, the more it bothered me so I called the salon manager and she said I shouldnt have recieved the coupon, it was an error, but she looked at my history and could tell I was a good customer, so she was going to honor the coupon!  YAY!!!!! So I was able to get $35 back! SCORE!!!!  I LOVE COUPONS :0)  OH, and then my fridge stopped cooling, so I called to have it serviced and it was gonna be 2 wks before a tech could get there.  I vented to the tech a bit, and he was able to get someone out a few days later. The tech informed me that since I had a warranty, they also cover spoilage?  So they are going to send me money, and will replace up to $200 worth of food!   YAY again!!!

Whats even more awesome, is that in church the minister talked about prosperity, health and wealth.  He talked about how when you give to God, he "returns the favor".  Here this past few week I have felt that what was said was true!  God works in mysterious ways. 

Well.. I actually feel better.. Amanda begged me to write.. she knows whats good for me.. so this was Ode to Amanda.. sorry its all rambling!  kisses Amy

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Yay for Me!

Morning!!! I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you a personal "YAY" for me!  I have been a juvenile Diabetic since the age of 8, so for the past 26 years I have struggled with weight, and blood sugars and Insullin injections.  The main goal everytime I go to the doctor is to lower my overall blood glucose levels, ( A1C).  The only way to do this is by having lower blood sugars, less insullin, and basically changing your diet.  I have done this for less than a week and I have been able to drop my Insullin almost 2 whole units an hour.. this is a HUGE thing. :) The less Insullin I take, the easier it is to lose weight.  The less Insullin means lower blood sugars too!   The average range they want me in is from 80-120, I can honestly say I have not gone over 140 in the last 5 days!!!!  YAHOOOOOOOO  This is soooo awesome for me.. I really am excited! In just a short amount of time, Ive lost 2 lbs, and lowered my Insullin by 2 points!  I guess my rambling point today is that all you have to do is put your mind to something and you can achieve it. My goal in order to lose 2 lbs a week is 1542 calories.  I have been able to stay under 1500 calories all week, sometmes only eating 1000 calories -- due to the excercise I have been doing.  ( In the app I use, when you excercise you gain calories back to make up for the ones you burn, so thats how I end up with less than 1500)  Just wanted to share my good news :)  kisses amy

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day two!

******Just found this.. I wrote in on 1-17-12 but it never posted... Leaving it the way I originally wrote it so you could get some info out of it! *******
Ok  Ladies!! We have officially made it to day two! YAAAAAAY!!! only 68 more days to go! I dont know about you all but I am feeling super motivated, energized, and just down right happy to be alive! ( Do I sound like an infomercial yet?)  Well I am hoping to, cuz what I am selling I want you to buy!!! I want you to buy into the fact that we are beautiful, intelligent, happy, independent women that can do whatever it is we put our minds to!  Todays topic for me, well I dont know if you can tell by the picture above, but its regarding diet soda!  Diet soda is a big NO NO!  I am going to reference a few lines from a book I am currently reading, "Skinny Bitch"-- A no-nonsense touch-love guide for savy girls who want to stop eating crap and start looking fabulous!  Let me tell you this book is straight forward and tells you just like it is! These ladies that wrote this book sure did not sugar coat this stuff!  Ok brace yourself, girls: Soda is liquid satan. It is the devil. It is garbage.  There is nothing in soda that should be put into your body. For starters, soda's high level of phosphorous can increase calcium loss from the body, as can its sodium and caffeine. This can lead to osteoporosis. Last time it was checked, sugar found in soda by the boatload, does not make you skinny! Now dont go patting yourself on the back if you drink diet soda. That stuff is even worse. Aspartame ( an ingredient commonly found in diet sodas and other sugar free foods) has been blamed for a slew of scary maladies, like arthritis, birth defects, fibromyalgia, Alzheimers, lupus, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes.   When methyl alcohol, a component of aspartame, enters your body, it turns into formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing). Laboratory scientists use formaldehyde as a disinfectant or perervative, they dont drink it! ( --Skinny Bitch by rory Freedman and kim Barnouin)
Does that make sense girls??? Diet soda, diet/sugar free foods and sweetners are harmful! FORMALDEHYDE--thats what dead bodies are embalmed with, and we drink this stuff.. one word GROSSSS!   As of today, it may be a day to start deinking something new. Ice tea, water, lemonade? Anything but soda!   The recommended daily does of H20 is 64oz a day, thats 8 glasses, or 4 average size water bottles.   The more you drink, the more you pee, which is also a great thing!   Well ladies, all this talk about soda, and water and liquids.. well its time for me to hit the lil gals room :)   Have a FANTASTIC day, feel free to comment and write thoughts and whatever makes you feel good! This is a happy place here ;)  Tinkerbell always said "Think happy thoughts" but my motto today is "Drink happy thoughts"  kisses Amy

Its Wed-nes-day :)

Ok, ok, so my plan was to write everyday, but the weekend got away with me, and on my days off from work I babysit, so needless to say, I had Zero time to blog..So I appologize for the inaccuracy.. ha ha.. I always feel "smarter" using BIG words.  :)
So I just have to tell you, I had an amazing weekend.  Like I said in my previous post, I woke up on Saturday feeling "different".  I thnk it was a total mind set change. I have changed my diet.  I decided just a few days ago to change my life.  I have started back at the gym, started back at using my favorite free app, Lose It!TM   I have tracked everything I have ate, whether it was good for me or not, logged all excercise or activity I have done, and I have kept under the allotted daily calories.  For those who dont know about this app, you enter in your current weight, what you want your goal weight to be and it gives you a daily calorie intake that will help you to me meet your goal.  Its awesome!   I also decided to take my children to church.  I am trying to be politically correct so I wont say too much, but my kids loved it. Wanted to go again, to the next service, wanted to go back that night.  It was a good feeling!   We have decided this is one thing we will do continuously as a family!  This weekend really was "blessed".    So many different changes, so many different ideas, so many AHA moments!  I havent felt this good in a while.  Sometimes I think it just takes an idea to make a difference, and that idea for me was that silly little infomercial.   Haaaaaa!!! Well played infomercial, you didnt get my money, but you did change my mind, while working on my body and soul :)  Hope you have a great day... til we meet again ( probably this week).. kisses amy