Saturday, April 27, 2013

Lets DO this again.. 2013

Well..... someone has been slacking.. Oh wait, that was me!!! Hello Again everyone.. Its been over a year since I last wrote, and I can say I have missed it.  I had alot happen over the last year and I am sure thats why.  I basically did a 360 on my life.  I was very stressed, depressed, and just unhappy.  I ended my marriage of 12.5 years to my high school sweetheart.  It was rough, we still are trying to figure out how to be "friends".  When I say friends, I use that term loosely.  Its not even friends, its more so we can be civil.  Civil enough to not argue in front of the kids.   My kids have adjusted well, we have bad days, but for the most part they are ok.  They know they are loved. :)  Ok, enough about me, and my stress and trouble in 2012, this is 2013 and I am ready to do this again.  I have been trying to get back to the gym and work out and get in my zone, but havent been able to.  I woke up this morning feeling great, woke up early and watched an infomercial that really made me feel like I want to do this again for me.  The infomercial was for a workout DVD, it showed before and after results of people that did a 90 day full body work out. I thought I HAVE TO BUY THAT!!! Came to work, looked up the price and reviews and thought.. Im stupid.. all it takes is for you to COMMIT to doing something.  90 days straight.. I can change my body in 90 days, I just have to stick to it.   Thats the problem.. Sticking to it.   So I decided ok, I will start today, no use in putting it off til tommorrow. I will blog everyday, as well as excersize.  I have to do this.  Its horrible, I know how to eat right, I know I need to excersize, but why havent I?  I can only blame, deprression and stress for so long.  It is flat out pure.....LAZINESS!  Yep, I said it..  I am doing this for me.. for my kids, for AMERICA.. ok, it just sounded good.. :) I have also decided to join the 5k JDRF Diabetes walk in Tempe AZ in Nov.  A team name and more info soon to come ( if anyone wants to join).  I am done with my rant today.. look forward to some other mumbo jumbo tommorrow!  Have a good weekend!  kisses  Amy