Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Its Wed-nes-day :)

Ok, ok, so my plan was to write everyday, but the weekend got away with me, and on my days off from work I babysit, so needless to say, I had Zero time to blog..So I appologize for the inaccuracy.. ha ha.. I always feel "smarter" using BIG words.  :)
So I just have to tell you, I had an amazing weekend.  Like I said in my previous post, I woke up on Saturday feeling "different".  I thnk it was a total mind set change. I have changed my diet.  I decided just a few days ago to change my life.  I have started back at the gym, started back at using my favorite free app, Lose It!TM   I have tracked everything I have ate, whether it was good for me or not, logged all excercise or activity I have done, and I have kept under the allotted daily calories.  For those who dont know about this app, you enter in your current weight, what you want your goal weight to be and it gives you a daily calorie intake that will help you to me meet your goal.  Its awesome!   I also decided to take my children to church.  I am trying to be politically correct so I wont say too much, but my kids loved it. Wanted to go again, to the next service, wanted to go back that night.  It was a good feeling!   We have decided this is one thing we will do continuously as a family!  This weekend really was "blessed".    So many different changes, so many different ideas, so many AHA moments!  I havent felt this good in a while.  Sometimes I think it just takes an idea to make a difference, and that idea for me was that silly little infomercial.   Haaaaaa!!! Well played infomercial, you didnt get my money, but you did change my mind, while working on my body and soul :)  Hope you have a great day... til we meet again ( probably this week).. kisses amy

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